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Hacking up RTF RC Transmitter with a Dual Rate switch

Posted by Akom • Monday, November 24. 2008 • Category: Hardware Hacks, Toys

I can't say that I have a good reason for doing this, other than the potential for letting inexperienced family members fly my plane, but I thought this should be easy enough to do:

RTF Radio with DR Switch

The RTF transmitter that came with my Pitts S2A has a bunch of dip switches, which are not so quick to flip on the fly - and I've played with friends' real professional transmitters - and they have what seems to be useful toggle switches to control this stuff. So I figured I'm gonna pretend that I'm cool too.

The transmitter turned out to be very neatly designed, and finding the switch and soldering a pair of wires was surprisingly easy. Moreover, the cute silver pads on the top corners of the transmitter are actually silver stickers, covering up pre-drilled holes intended specifically for what I'm putting in there - a toggle switch.

In short, here is the result. Now I can cut my throw rate in half with a flip of a switch. Whether this is at all useful, remains to be seen :-)

Can't say that I'm about to turn my 4 channel RTF transmitter into a 6 channel with a toggle switch, though it'd be pretty nice if I could. After writing that, I figured - what the heck, I'll try it. No go - sticking pots or switches on the unused circuit board connections did not get me a 6 channel transmitter - I don't think it transmits the carrier signal at all on ch 5 and 6. Perhaps the IC's are not the same.

The dip switch board (back)
Soldered on to the board
Switch location
Overall Layout
All Finished


This turned out to be a bad idea!
See the outcome: Not All That Is Hackable Should Be

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