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Running Jenkins Swarm client as a service via Upstart

Posted by Admin • Wednesday, December 21. 2016 • Category: DevOps, Java, Linux

This turned out to be fairly simple, with only one gotcha: do not follow the how-to's out there that tell you to use expect fork. The process doesn't technically fork. When I had that setting enabled, upstart commands would hang under very specific but repeatable conditions (if the process was killed externally).

So, here is my upstart conf file:


  1. description "Jenkins Slave via Swarm"
  2. author "Me"
  4. start on runlevel [3]
  5. stop on shutdown
  7. setuid "MY_USER"
  8. setgid "MY_GROUP"
  10. #expect fork  - do not enable this!
  11. respawn
  12. respawn limit unlimited
  14. script
  15. cd /correct/directory
  16. java -jar  /path/to/swarm.jar SWARM_PARAMS 2>&1 >> LOG_FILE
  17. emit jenkinsslave_running
  18. end script

Note that the log file is somewhat ineffective - I'm still getting stdout in /var/log/upstart/jenkins-slave.log but stderr in LOG_FILE

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