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Amazon no longer lists the items you ordered in emails

Posted by Admin • Wednesday, December 30. 2015 • Category: Reviews

Which is really a pity. When I search my mailbox for something I ordered, I'd like to find it. I should not have to remember where I ordered it and go to every store website. I tried to bring this up with Amazon customer service with entertaining results:

You are now connected to Pooja from Amazon.com
Me: How can I enable itemized order information in order confirmation emails? I understand that I can view it on your site, I am specifically asking about emails.
Pooja: Hello, my name is Pooja. I'm here to help you today.
Pooja: To be able to pull up your account please provide me your name, e-mail address and the billing address.
Me: My question is not account-specific
Pooja: May I please place you on hold for 2 minutes while I look in to this for you?
Me: Yes please
Pooja: I'm sorry but you'll not be bale to view the order details unless it is directed from the website.
Me: So when I order 10 items from Amazon I cannot have an email listing them?
Pooja: You'll receive an email confirmation for the items once you've completed the order/
Me: This email only lists the first one or two, followed by "... and 8 more items".
Pooja: In the email if you'd click on the link you'd be directed to the site for full item details.
Me: Can I have an email listing all the items?
Pooja: Would you like me to send you one ?
Me: I'd like you to send me one every time I place an order
Pooja: I'm sorry but that is not possible.
Me: Pity

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