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Setting the date/time on the Mini Keychain Spy Camcorder

Posted by Admin • Monday, April 25. 2011 • Category: Hardware Hacks

Keychain Camcorder
The instructions that come with this little gadget are priceless in their verbatim Chinese glory, but are not helpful in their vague "Leave the details as an exercise for the reader" approach.

Here are the exact detailed steps to actually set the clock

  1. Create a text file named exactly tag.txt (all lowercase)
  2. This is a text file and it must have DOS linebreaks (if you're on Windows, you'll be fine)
  3. There should be no spaces or tabs in this file at all
  4. The file should look like this:
    [date] 2011/05/01 21:32:44
  5. Note that there are no spaces or extra blank lines. Each item is on its own line.
  6. Place this file in the root of the flash memory of the camcorder
  7. Unmount and physically disconnect
  8. power off, power on (I did this twice), then take a picture
  9. Connect and check if it worked. If the file is gone, then the filename and CRLF's were right. If the time is still wrong on the newly taken photo/video, then it didn't like the format - either you screwed up or your device is slightly different. Try to experiment


Apparently I have the type #8 808 camera. Also, apparently, you can find extensive information on all of this here: http://chucklohr.com/808/. As far I can tell, you can disable the timestamp in the image but you cannot remove the black background it is printed on (if your camera does this)

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