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Jenkins Swarm Slaves on Windows using Puppet

Posted by Admin • Monday, October 12. 2015 • Category: DevOps, Linux

Jenkins Swarm plugin is great, and instrumentation for Linux is fairly well-known, but what about Windows? Here is one approach for setting it up as a windows sevice (what we want Puppet to do):
  1. Download Swarm jar
  2. Download winsw from Kohsuke
  3. Rename winsw to jenkins_swarm.exe
  4. Create jenkins_swarm.xml
  5. Run jenkins_swarm.exe install
  6. Start service
Now for the details

The puppet manifest to do this will do all of the above in order. Here are some selected fragments (your provide all the values and winsw.exe in files/ dir of the module):

$swarm_command_line = "-jar $swarm_destination_directory\\$swarm_destination_file -username $master_user -password $master_pass -mode exclusive -name ${hostname} -executors 1 -master ${master} -labels \"${labels}\" ${extra_swarm_args} "

 file{ $swarm_destination_directory:
    ensure => directory,

  # Create a copy of Kohsuke's wrapper
  # https://github.com/kohsuke/winsw
  # and it's configuration
  file {$swarm_wrapper_conf:
    content => template("${module_name}/jenkins-swarm.xml.erb"),
  file {$swarm_wrapper_exe:
    source => "puppet:///modules/${module_name}/winsw-1.18-bin.exe",
    require => File[$swarm_wrapper_conf]

  # Download swarm
  download_file { 'Swarm Jar':
    url                   => $swarm_url,
    destination_directory => $swarm_destination_directory,
    destination_file      => $swarm_destination_file,
    require => File[$swarm_destination_directory]

  exec { 'Create Swarm Windows Service':
    path => ['c:/windows/system32'],
    command => "$swarm_wrapper_exe install",
    unless => "sc query ${swarm_winservice_name}",
    require => [Download_file['Swarm Jar'], File[$swarm_wrapper_exe]]



Now for the template for jenkins_swarm.xml

  <name>Jenkins Slave via swarm <%= swarm_version %></name>
  <description>This service runs a Jenkins slave.  It is created via puppet.</description>
  <!--<env name="JENKINS_HOME" value="%BASE%"/>-->
  <!-- if we want the slave process to run as a specific local user -->
  <onfailure action="restart" delay="10 sec"/>
  <onfailure action="restart" delay="10 sec"/>
  <onfailure action="restart" delay="10 sec"/>

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