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Linux Preserving a Static Copy of Atlassian Jira (and Confluence) as a Jekyll Site

Posted by Admin • Monday, October 25. 2021 • Category: Linux

Last month an old Jira installation I own was compromised via a recent vulnerability. This is bound to happen. Keeping a public product like that secure would require very frequent patching, which is a lot of maintenance. Fortunately, this installation is only a historical record of a popular open-source project (current development uses github issues). In other words, I can get away with a static, read-only copy.

Going Static

Of course, I can use

wget --mirror

to save the whole site exactly as-is. This is a simple option, but it will also need a lot of massaging (for example, to remove confusing links to login, javascript that may break, etc).

Instead, I'm going to convert the content to markdown so that I can then regenerate the site using Jekyll, changing the look and feel, headers and footers as needed. This will also preserve all existing URLs (including attachments).

Making this Happen

I wrote a project to help automate this process fully via the Jira API: https://github.com/akomakom/jira-to-jekyll/.

The basic goal is to do what I outlined above. There is a comprehensive README that explains the process.

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