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Replacing batteries in a Philips Norelco T980 Turbo Vacuum Trimmer Low Tech Hacks

Posted by Admin • Wednesday, July 27. 2016 • Category: Low Tech Hacks

I bought this trimmer in 2008 and the NiCd batteries finally died in 2016 - not bad. Still, no reason to trash a working trimmer and contribute to the landfill problem. As it turns out, it's fairly easy to disassemble, and even easier to reassemble. So here are the steps, which probably apply to many similar models.

Parts and order of steps
These steps are numbered according to the numbers in the image.
  1. Remove everything you normally would for cleaning.
  2. Unscrew the 4 little screws you can now see and pull out the black plastic bracket. It won't want to come out, you may need to use some force. Now pry off the height adjuster ring (push on some clips to release it). Be careful at this step, as soon as the adjuster's slider comes out, two little spring-loaded sticks will fly out. You'll need these. There is also a third spring-loaded piece behind the motor which will stay put unless you really disturb it.
  3. Now pry off the thin metal ring. This allows the sides to be removed
  4. Remove the sides.
  5. Pry off the front. The top clips you can release from the top, the rest just need to be forced by sticking a blade in the crack
You should now have direct access to the battery tray. Solder in the new NiCd (or NiMh if yours came with NiMh) batteries and you should be good to go - reverse the steps to assemble, and give it a full charge.

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  1. Hello, your tutorial helped me a lot,
    The original batteries of my T980 are NiMh, so i replace with the same,
    I had very difficulties to understand where to place the 2 little springs. They just jumped out and i didn't understand where i had to put them back.
    So if anyone struggles with that too, their place is at the back of the main body chassis where we put the trim adjuster, you will see 2 little holes where they fit correctly.
    Thanky you very much for this!

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